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Firmware on Panasonic Lumix Lx5

I updated the firmware on my Lumix lx5 to version 2.0 and they added a tilt shift mode. It’s pretty damn cool. I can’t wait to take the camera out to really test it out. It also fixed some auto focus timing issues and memory. Here are some told shift sample shots.







First Wedding Gig Photo Sampler


A few photos from the wedding I shot 1 week ago. (edited with picframe app)

Puppies, Doggies and More

Bored, sitting at home, puppies and dogs playing outside I grabbed my camera (Nikon D5000 & Lumix LX5) and shot the following. Enjoy!





Photoset: Spontaneous Photo Shoot With My Friend

Bored one afternoon I threw up a post on FaceBook asking if any of my friends wanted to pose for me. A couple of them called me a perv and had other un-amusing jokes about the post. Julie however was willing to help. She got ready, and we met up at the local downtown area, and well these are a few of the shots that came from it all.

This is my beautiful friend Julie

Me wearing my Pearls Deluxe Burgers shirt I got from SF

Photoset: San Francisco in June

I was lucky enough to be invited to visit San Francisco for the 2nd time this year. My friend Jackie invited me on the trip she was planning to my favorite city as she was taking her boyfriend Hugo for Fathers day weekend. I was the unofficial guide since I had just visited the city in March. I Showed them around the city including Patxis Pizza, Pearls Deluxe burgers, Alcatraz, The Wharf, Union Square, The Castro and we rode the cable cars and street cars around like the locals. All in all they told me they had a great time and cant wait to go back! As for me I will be heading back in September to see Brand New 1 week after my 27th Birthday. I CANT WAIT! Whats your favorite San Francisco memory/eatery?

P.S. These photos were all shot with the Panasonic Lumix Lx5 with an Opteka Wide Angle Lens

At the rest stop early saturday morning

The Bay BridgeA SF MINI

Diner Breakfast

Hugo (He was shooting in "Auto")

Gorgeous Ship at the Hyde St Pier

Riding the F line Street Car to Union Square

Lots of Homeless in SF. The homeless dogs made my heart hurt

Random SF Beauty

Waiting for our pies at Patxis Pizza

The cashier at Patxis was very beautiful (as you can see by my gawking)

Patxis Pizza

Next day on the ferry headed to "The Rock"

Alcatraz Fire Department

Awesome spiral staircase

Cell Block B

Alcatraz Lighthouse

The Bay and Golden Gate Bridge

Persian Rug

Master Chief was on The Rock

Tunnels Everywhere

The bowels of Alcatraz Island


SF Weekly

Coffee and Cars Photo Set

Every saturday auto junkies get together in Irvine (and other parts of the country) to enjoy some coffee and check out some very VERY nice cars. . . Im organizing a MINI caravan to roll out to it on May 14th. If you live in the SoCal area hit me up if you would like to join.

My buddy Arts Z06

Headed home after a nice (and fast) drive home

It was a cat and mouse game. We were in a nice black C6

Photoset: My Short Trip To Michoacan Mexico

After a 12 year hiatus i finally got to head back to the place where i was born. Michoacan Mexico (yeah that place with the drug cartel violence). It was all for a wedding and to party and I loved every single minute of it! Like all vacations it was way too short! (mine really it was at 4 days). Anyways here are some of the photos. Hope you enjoy! Whats your favorite travel place?

My last hours in Michoacan (I was bummed out)

Very primitive but effective ways

Pregaming before heading out into la plaza

The Newlyweds

Danny inside the Cathedral hanging out.

The inside of the Cathedral in Zamora

I was enjoying a ice cold Horchata water

Wisdom on a park bench.

Danny at the wedding