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Photo Set: Los Angeles Auto Show

Saturday morning I got to finally check out the LA Auto Show. I took my Nikon D5000 with the 35mm lens and my Panasonic LX5 with the Wide angle lens. . . . Im so glad I took the wide angle lens since their was very little room to stand back to get the car in full frame without someone walking into the shot. With the wide angle lens i was able to shoot the cars from a relatively close distance while everyone else was struggling with their zoom lenses and iPhones. Here are the pictures in gallery format.


Coffee and Cars Photo Set

Every saturday auto junkies get together in Irvine (and other parts of the country) to enjoy some coffee and check out some very VERY nice cars. . . Im organizing a MINI caravan to roll out to it on May 14th. If you live in the SoCal area hit me up if you would like to join.

My buddy Arts Z06

Headed home after a nice (and fast) drive home

It was a cat and mouse game. We were in a nice black C6