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Foggy Night in Claremont

After some beers and a shitty Po-Boy sandwich at Eureka Burger the fog started to roll in pretty thick. I was with my buddy/fellow photog Hector and we decided to shoot the fog since its rare in socal. I havent had a chance to try the High ISO capabilities of the D600 and I shot around at ISO 4000 and then 2000. Try to figure out which is which! Anyways here are my captures for the night.

Fog rolled in quicklyHector shooting with his CanonChevy ClassicThe photographer poseHector Posing for me Looking for creativity Orange Rays Street Light made the fog glow orange and with this photo we stopped


Hike To Etiwanda Falls

Hit up the Etiwanda trail this afternoon and headed up to the Etiwanda falls. I had never been and a couple of friends and I met up and conquered the fairly easy hike. It would make for an awesome picnic date (hint hint) area. Anyways here are some photos. (snapped on an iphone4 with the best camera+ app and auto stitch app)








Ive had the itch to go out and take pictures

Supposedly it never rains in California but we’re on our fourth day straight of showers. I might take advantage and Re-do my room…its time to “grow up”

Im tired of this rain!

Awesome Skys/Sunsets

These are photos I have been taking when I see a awesome sky/sunset. I hope you really enjoy them