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Spontaneous Photo Walk in Claremont

I was feeling restless sitting at home. Im thinking its from sitting in front of a computer all day at work. I have to admit that although I really hated my old job, I did love being outside. Oh well, I ended up driving to my favorite local destination, Downtown Claremont.

I was starring at this shop and all i can think was, I really need to find myself a model.

Eerie Pathway

Murals along the pathways walls

Heroes and Legends

I was really hoping the bakery was open. I was talking to Shannon earlier in the night and she made me crave a cupcake.

This theatre shows a lot of the "rare" gems big theatre's wont screen. Like the Doors documentary.

Fountain infront of the theatre

Neat Backlit tree. . . I was wishing i had my tripod for a long exposure shot.

I found my model...My little Coop

Deep black and white

"S" badge



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