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I see, I feel, I know

So over the past few months I’ve really gotten into astrology. I’m a Virgo and naturally I’m supposed to be this super loving, highly understanding, and very organized person. I honestly don’t believe I fit all of those traits but one I do fit is the one where its difficult for me to make many friends. Virgos naturally enjoy the company of a few close friends rather than many friends. Which in turn makes me become very fond and close to those said friends. I’m supposed to seek solitude and want to enjoy spending time alone and in all honesty I do, but I don’t consider that really living. The only complaint I have about actually trying to see my “close” friends is when I get let down or their actions make me feel forgotten or worst used, only coming around when they want something from me. In the past I have shunned those kinds of “friends” away because I feel they don’t deserve me. Us Virgos have a extreme sense of knowing what people feel or are thinking before they even say anything or anything happens giving off their emotions. I consider it a curse, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I SEE, and FEEL, and I’m going to treat you accordingly. I’d say I’m sorry but its all your own fault.

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