Written on the Apple iPhone

10 things im into right now

1. Zodiac – especially about my sign Virgo
2. Taking back Sunday – live from Orensanz revived my love for this band
3. Halo reach – the last installment in the franchise, Bungie did it right because I’m hooked like in Halo 2
4. Low light photography – since most people go out at night (interesting people) I’ve started shooting high ISOs at f5 (I’ll post a relevant pic)
5. Girls – yes I’m still girl crazy
6. iPhone 4 – one word – AWESOME
7. Coffee – I think it’s the fall when I really start to drink it (love cold weather)
8. Movies – watching them at home . . I just gotta recruit a cuddling partner (again it’s the cold)
9. San Francisco – I’ve been wanting to visit for years and I’m becoming obsessed about it, researching and planning out an itinerary for when I do (goooo evernote)
10. Football – no not NFL, REAL football, Manchester united to be exact! UNITED TILL I DIE.

(the relevant photos to #4)

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